Dental Implants for Patients of Green Spring Dental

Having a missing tooth or finding out that you will need to have a tooth removed can be an experience full of anxiety over the appearance of your smile. Not only does a missing tooth have an effect on the appearance of your smile it also has a great effect on the overall health of your teeth. Green Spring Dental offices in Lutherville and Clarksville, Maryland, offer a state-of-the-art, restorative, and cosmetic dental procedure to permanently replace teeth called dental implants.

The dental implant is a permanent long-lasting solution to having one or multiple missing teeth, throughout this procedure you work closely with the dentists to speak about the exactness of your new tooth. If you are unsure of what a dental implant is, please continue reading to learn about the major parts and why they are beneficial.

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The Implant

The dental implant is made of mainly two pieces that work together to give you a new tooth, the first piece is the implant itself. An implant is a small titanium rod or screw that is surgically placed into your jaw bone, under the gums. Each implant is designed to be a strong foundation for the new tooth that will be placed.

Not only does the implant hold, support and secure the new tooth into your smile, while you use your teeth every day, but the implant will also be improving the health of your entire smile. Chewing provides stimulation down through the root of our teeth to the jaw bone preventing gum and bone deterioration.

Tooth Crown

Once you have healed from the implant, your new tooth will be ready for placement. Each dental crown that is put onto a dental implant to replace a missing tooth is custom-made to your smile to match your natural teeth in every way. Being made out of porcelain allows the crown of the tooth to withstand all pressure and activities that your natural teeth do every day. It is also impossible for a crown to obtain a cavity in the enamel.

Having a new crown or a whole new tooth will greatly improve the opinion and confidence that you have in your smile, and we want to give you that here at Green Spring Dental.

Dental Implant Benefits


Each piece of the dental implant as a whole is designed to support the daily activities such as chewing and talking, that teeth experience. The implant and the crown are made to withstand natural pressure and grinding.


Replacing a tooth in your smile that has caused you to be shameful, will bring back the once amazing confidence you had in your smile. We want all of our patients to be proud of and love their smile.


Dental implants will last a lifetime if they are taken care of properly and watched carefully by the dentist.

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There is nothing we love more than helping our patients love their smiles and with dental implants, we have been able to change so many patient’s views on their smiles. If you are located in Lutherville, Clarksville, or any other surrounding cities here in Maryland, please give us a call to set up a consultation for your implant.