Implants go a step further than bridges by replacing the entire space in the gums where a tooth was extracted or lost with a metal post that embeds directly into the jaw. This post is capped similarly to a crown. The benefit is that because a dental implant connects to the jawline, it reinforces the gums and jaws. This stimulates the muscle and tissue surrounding the implant to remain strong, preventing wrinkling and sagging in the muscles and tissue around a missing tooth. Implants are an excellent restorative option but also require the most extended amount of treatment.

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Why should I consider dental implants? 

If you’ve lost a tooth due to injury or tooth decay, there are many reasons to consider dental implants. Once you lose your tooth, your dental structure weakens and over time can cause teeth to shift and loosen from their natural position. Choosing a dental implant will maintain the integrity of your dental structure by supporting your neighboring teeth. Dental implants provide a natural-looking and feeling tooth replacement that can offer a more permanent solution as they can last decades with proper care.

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