Are you missing a tooth or even multiple teeth? Shockingly, there is a higher rate of people missing one or more teeth than people think. At Green Spring Dental Care, we see and help patients each day determine what restorative dental procedure would be best in replacing their missing teeth. Although replacing your missing teeth isn’t completely necessary, doing so would improve your overall oral health, prevent further damage to your teeth from occurring, and enhance your smile into something even more bright and beautiful. Dr. Basil Saiedy offers permanent dental implants as a tooth replacement option for the residents in Lutherville and Clarksville, Maryland, and any other patients in surrounding areas.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a small titanium rod or screw whose main job is to provide a permanent, stable foundation for a prosthetic tooth crown and other tooth restoration pieces. We surgically place implants onto the jawbone underneath the gum tissues for implants to do their job correctly. Eventually, the jawbone and the implant will fuse during the healing period after the implant is set. Becoming one with the jawbone allows the implant to be the perfect foundation for a new tooth.

Am I a Candidate for an Implant?

There are only a few requirements that a patient will need to meet to qualify for the placement of a dental implant. These requirements include:

Jaw Bone Density: Once a tooth has been lost or extracted, the bone loses the stimulation that it was once receiving due to chewing and speaking. Eventually, the bone will deteriorate due to the lack of stimulation, losing its dentistry. For Dr. Basil Saiedy to place a dental implant correctly into the jawbone, your bone must be dense or strong enough to house the implant. Restoration options are available for patients whose jawbones are deemed not dense enough, such as a bone graft.

Overall Oral Health: When meeting with our dentist, Dr. Basil Saiedy, during a dental implant consultation, one of the first things that we will do is a complete oral health history and dental exam. If there is any unresolved dental issue or infection, we will need to treat it before starting the implant treatment. It is essential to stay updated with regular visits to our office to ensure your oral health.

Why Choose Dental Implants as My Tooth Replacement?

The main benefit of choosing a dental implant to replace your lost tooth or teeth is that they are a permanent solution for missing teeth once we complete the procedure. Most often than not, patients who inquire about a tooth replacement want something sturdy and permanent. Other benefits include:

  • They promote bone and tissue health.
  • It will help other surrounding teeth from shifting into a different position.
  • Each dental implant is biocompatible.
  • They restore bite and tooth function.
  • Each dental restoration attached to an implant will be prosthetic, meaning no cavities can infect the implant.

Schedule a Consultation at Green Spring Dental Care

If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth and would like to know if you qualify for dental implants’ permanent tooth replacement option, please call us. We are conveniently located in both Lutherville and Clarksville, Maryland. Eat, chew, and laugh again with dental implants. We want to help you restore your smile. We encourage you to look into receiving a dental implant if you are in need of a tooth replacement. We invite you to speak with one of our team members for any questions or concerns regarding implants or other options.

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