Restorative Dentistry at Green Spring Dental Care

Your mouth is a critical gateway to your body that supports a lot of important functions. It can also be a pathway for bacteria to enter your body and create problems. Taking care of your mouth and getting restorative dentistry in Lutherville, MD is critical to your overall health and the day-to-day quality of your life. 

Restorative dentistry involves both procedures that repair broken or decayed teeth and gums as well as procedures meant to reinforce the health of your mouth for years to come. Coming in regularly every six months for exams and daily brushing and flossing are essential for maintaining healthy gums. However, restorative treatment can still be necessary even with perfect dental hygiene. That is why we want to see you every six months. If you keep your teeth checked regularly, you can avoid costly, more intensive procedures by catching issues early.

At Green Spring Dental Care, we can provide a full range of restorative procedures when an issue emerges in your teeth. Below are examples of our restorative dentistry practice:


Cavity Drilling and Filling – If we catch tooth decay early, some drilling and filling the hole left behind is ideally all we need to do. Tooth decay most commonly comes from food material and sugars from drinks gathering on your teeth. Bacteria forms and eats away at this material, forming plaque that over time hardens into tartar. The acid-producing bacteria eats away at your teeth throughout this process, creating permanently damaged parts of your tooth called cavities. Regular appointments help us catch cavities early and protect the deeper parts of your teeth that can require more invasive procedures like root canals and crowns to replace.

Dental Bonds – Bonding material is composite and similar to what is used for fillings. It is used to fill cracks on teeth or extend teeth to fill a gap, or provide a uniform cover and look on them. Bonding can be used both to restore the look of your teeth and function, in some cases by extending a tooth or by fixing a crack and preventing bacteria from getting in and creating problems. 

Restorative Dentistry at Green Spring Dental Care Green Spring Dental Care Dentist in Lutherville MD Clarksville MD
Restorative Dentistry at Green Spring Dental Care Green Spring Dental Care Dentist in Lutherville MD Clarksville MD

Root Canals and Crowns – Teeth can become so decayed and weakened by cavities and other factors contributing to poor dental hygiene that a crown is the best solution. A crown is a cap, typically made of porcelain often combined with metal, that fits on top of the tooth to reinforce it and replace the eating surface. It feels natural and has the same strong bite as your teeth. Whether you have a root canal or significant decay, the crown goes over the remaining portion of the tooth, which is shaped for the crown to fit so that you can enjoy a fully restored smile and bite. 

Dental Bridges – A bridge is a solution for having a missing tooth with healthy teeth around it, either on one side or both. Rather than replacing a tooth with dentures or a dental implant (read more below), a bridge involves putting crowns on the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth and then connecting those teeth over the missing tooth with a cap that locks in on either end, like a bridge over a canyon. This allows you to restore your bite and the function of your teeth, though the tooth extraction site remains empty. 

Dental Implants – Implants go a step further than bridges by replacing the entire space in the gums where a tooth was extracted or lost with a metal post that embeds directly into the jaw. This post is capped similarly to a crown. The benefit is that because a dental implant connects to the jawline, it reinforces the gums and jaws. This stimulates the muscle and tissue surrounding the implant to remain strong, preventing wrinkling and sagging in the muscles and tissue around a missing tooth. Implants are an excellent restorative option but also require the most extended amount of treatment.

Restorative Procedures to Help Keep Your Mouth Healthy and Strong

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