It is common for patients who experience different severities of toothaches to be unsure when to go to the dentist for tooth treatment. Hopefully, we can help you understand your teeth a little more and determine when to come into Green Spring Dental Care to see Dr. Saiedy if you are suffering from a toothache. By listening and working with patients for many years, Dr. Saiedy and our team are excellent at identifying toothaches that require immediate dental attention and others. Because of this, we have a few tips and things for you to look out for to determine the severity of your toothache.

Why Does Your Tooth Ache?

Sensitivity or a dull hurting in your mouth should be taken seriously as a warning indication. This sensitivity can be caused by sinus or allergy disorders, as well as sudden elevation changes; however, in all of these cases, your pain should be transient and only last a few hours. If you have a cavity or an infection, the pain will stay for at least 48 hours and will grow with time.

Plaque can coat the teeth, erode tooth enamel, and cause cavities to form due to poor dental hygiene, a high-sugar diet, and irregular brushing and flossing. Cavities can then progress through the tooth until they reach the inner pulp, which contains the tooth’s nerve core. Once the tooth decay has progressed to this point, infection sets in, necessitating a root canal.

Types of Toothache Pain

The presence of pain in your mouth is a strong indicator that something is amiss. There are various sorts of pain connected with multiple dental disorders and illnesses. Depending on the problem, the pain might be severe, dull, throbbing, or aching. It is critical to contact us, regardless of the discomfort you are experiencing, so that we can remedy the problem.

Sensitivity to Hot & Cold Foods/Beverages: Many patients have reported that their teeth, or certain teeth, become sensitive and ache when they eat hot and cold foods. Although this type of toothache can be painful, if it is temporary and only occurs when you eat/drink, it isn’t something to worry about or that needs to be seen by the dentist.

Pain when Biting: If you experience pain while biting, it is possible that you may have cracked a tooth, or there is an issue deeper within the tooth.

Discolored Tooth: Teeth becoming discolored paired with swollen and red gums are good indicators that your tooth could be or is becoming abscessed. The infection has moved from the tooth into affecting the surrounding tissues in this event.

Visit Green Spring Dental Care Today

If your discomfort is persistent and does not go away in a day or two, you should see Dr. Saiedy. Dull, constant pain is frequently a sign of worsening if left untreated. You should come to our emergency dental office in Lutherville and Clarksville, Maryland, as soon as possible if you find a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth. Bacteria and food can thrive in cracks and chips, causing deterioration. We can address the majority of other concerns with your teeth at your six-month checkup. Make sure to tell Dr. Basil Saiedy about any pain or discomfort you’re experiencing.

If you have any questions regarding tooth pain or discomfort and your next step, please contact our Lutherville or Clarksville, Maryland, dental offices. Our main goal is to help each patient maintain a healthy and beautiful smile free of toothaches.

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